The Highlights

The content is adjusted to suit your business.

Set your Objectives

Help and support to setup your objectives. It is often harder to see the wood from the trees in your own business.

Your Business

A review of your business and your goals. Establish goals for this programme and how best to achieve them.

Weekly Sessions

We find regular calls to be a key part in getting actions completed. We run a dedicated live session each week with you, usually Thursday mornings. Habits matter.

Your Clients

Understanding clients needs and pains drives all successful lead generation. This is a core part of this programme and often needs an outside view for clarity.

Your Sales Pipeline

We will build your sales pipeline with you over the programme. A lot of the focus will be on the initial engagement action of your clients.

Tools to help

We can suggest and in some cases setup some tools with you such as adding a widget, a survey, newsletter, content plan, webinar, lead magnet, quiz, and more

Templates You Can Use

We will send you templates for you to use for your business. These range from client needs and mapping to content plan to email sequences etc

Practical Help

If you get stuck we are on hand to help. Our goal is for you to have a solid sales pipeline in place and also be in a position to manage it.

Supporting You

In addition to all that we are here to support you to grow your business.

Email Support

Message us at any time for support when needed. Sometimes you may need help to get unstuck or a quick call.

External View

It is often hard to see the wood from the trees in our own businesses. Getting external input can help clarity of thought and action.

Helping You Succeed

Our objective is to help you succeed where we can. Impartial and honest discussions and help.