The Highlights

Set your Objectives

Help and support to setup your objectives. It is often harder to see the wood from the trees in your own business. We circle and refine this.

Onboarding Call

An individual call to discuss your business and to set your goals. This is also a way for us to get to know you.

Weekly Sessions

We have a call each week, same time for 6 of the 8 sessions. Thursday each week 11:30 - 12:30 (UK/Ireland) / 12:30 - 13:30 (Sweden).

Your Digital Strategy

We help you to define your customer needs and how you will attract them. You get access to templates and support to help you succeed.

Dedicated Each Week

Each week it is a 1-to-1 all about your business, not a joint or training. We map out and implement.

Tools to help

We can help you to setup some tools such as adding a widget, a survey, newsletter, content plan, webinar, lead magnet, quiz, and more

Between Calls

If you spend 1 hour per week between the calls you will be able to build your sales pipeline.

Templates for you to use

Build your knowledge and implementation as you complete the templates, learn more by doing.

Practical Help

Each week we focus on what will work for your business and refine as we go.

Supporting You Grow Your Consultancy

In addition to all that we are here to support you to grow your consultancy business.

Email Support

Message us at any time for support when needed. Sometimes you may need help to get unstuck or a quick call.

External View

It is often hard to see the wood from the trees in our own businesses. Getting external input can help clarity of thought and action.

Helping You Succeed

Our objective is to help you succeed where we can. Impartial and honest discussions and help.